Session Details

Friday 10.30 – 11.00

Weekend opening session: Welcome back to School!

Tristan Alltimes, Director, Alumni Relations and Helen Kemp, Vice-President, Alumni Council (MBA 1994)

During this session your hosts will be welcoming and highlighting all the many alumni from across the decades whom have travelled from interstate and overseas to attend the weekend. This is your chance to see who from your class (and beyond) is attending!

Listen to Alumni Reunion Faculty and alumni panellist speakers as they take part in 'Spark Tank', a fun section of this session aimed at giving you the reasons to attend their Friday session... in 20 seconds... Watch out fellow speakers, the gloves will most likely be off!

Finally, hear what the full weekend has to offer and plan the sessions you won't want to miss. You may even get lucky and hear more on our top secret location for our cocktail reception... 

This session will be fun and informal and will surely set the tone for the weekend.

11.00 – 12.30

Professor Jill Klein, “Resilient Leadership

Drawing on her father’ s experiences interned in Auschwitz during World War 2, Jill explores the psychology of resilience, a critical key to success.

Jill teaches skills that can increase the ability to function well in the face of adversity. As a resilient, inspiring leader you will face challenges with strength and grace, recognise and mitigate the effects of stress, and respond appropriately and constructively to difficult events.

11.00 – 12.30

Sam Wylie, Principal Fellow (Finance), ‘The spectre of global deflation’

Deep dive into global deflationary forces and explore the competing explanations in an intuitive way.

Understand the approach of central banks to defeating deflation, 'helicopter money', the dangers of a burst of inflation, and which asset classes are most suited to navigating deflation followed by high inflation.

2.00 – 3.30

1) Mark Crosby, Associate Professor (Economics) ‘The China slowdown and the global economy

In the past decade Mark’ s research has focused on the economies of the Asian region, with a particular interest in the Chinese economy. He has been a regular consultant to the Hong Kong Monetary Authority, with research work there focused on the exchange rate arrangements in Hong Kong and in other Asian economies.

2) Alumni Panel ‘The Customer Experience Journey

Customer experiences are being shaped by global trends, new technology and innovative consumer offers.

Customers have more devices than ever and are empowered to make demands anytime and anywhere. Customers do their own research and comparisons which leads to more informed purchase decisions.

This panel session will explore the changes in customer experiences, in particular:

  • Customer expectations
  • Arrival of disruptors
  • The role of employee engagement
  • Measuring and evaluating customer experience
  • Strategies to create brilliant customer experiences

Chair: Samuelson Appau


Shane Goldberg

Shane Goldberg (MBA 2005) is the founder and Principal of CustCore Consulting, a boutique firm born out of a strong background in customer experience, business improvement and process management. Their unique delivery model ensures clients receive value from every engagement, and consistently results in increased sales, improved customer outcomes and happy staff.

Dean Prenc

Dean Prenc (MBA 2015) is General Manager - Pop-Culture at Madman Entertainment.

Founded in Melbourne over 20 years ago, Madman is a leading entertainment company in Australia and New Zealand, specialising in the distribution of home-entertainment products to carefully cultivated audiences.

Jo Pizzey

Jo Pizzey (MBA 2010) Customer Strategy Manager at National Australia Bank, is a skilled strategist with a passion for using big data and customer insight to drive business improvement and great customer experiences. 

3) ‘Disruption in Healthcare’
Chair: Amanda Martin

Healthcare is not just a faceless industry. It is an industry to watch with unique opportunities and challenges.

It contributes 9.4% to Australia’ s GDP, and while many other industries are in decline, 16.4% employment growth is projected across the next 5 years in Australia.

There are however, significant tensions about cost, engaging new technologies, the challenges of ageing and health demographics, and increasing patient frustration with access and services.


  • Frances Diver, (SEMBA 2015), Deputy Secretary, Department of Health Victoria
  • Ross McDonald (SEMBA 2006), Operations Director, Capital Guardians
  • John Meckiff, (MBA 1996), Director, Pulse Data Science
  • Helen Kemp (MBA 1994), Managing Director, Newly

4.00 – 5.00

Professor Ujwal Kayande,
HiPPOS, HIPsters, and Data

Ujwal is a subject matter expert in marketing, interested in how customers make decisions, and how firms can improve their marketing and business actions. Business Analytics has enabled him to answer these questions with precise data-driven methodology.

Saturday 10.30 – 12.00

1) Professor Zeger Degraeve, Dean of Melbourne Business School, Dean of Faculty of Business and Economics, University of Melbourne, ‘Decision Making for Leaders’

A Professor of Decision Sciences, Zeger is a global expert in decision-making, risk, operations research and managing project portfolios. His research has focused on creating an organisational culture that fosters risk-taking, innovation and experimentation.

Learn how to exercise sound judgement in the face of change. Concentrate on the descriptive and prescriptive aspects of decision-making to empower you to make sound decisions, leverage your strengths and achieve sustainable results from the decision-making process.

2) Associate Professor Catherine de Fontenay, ‘Analysing your Demand Data and Optimising your Price: A non-technical introduction to a technical topic.’

A simple introduction to the key issues, and techniques used to correctly analyse demand data.

Firms are gathering increasing quantities of demand data, and favouring highly technical analysis of the patterns in the data. At the same time, poor understanding of underlying processes means firms can predict wildly inaccurate estimates of demand.

1.00pm – 2.00pm
Mark Ritson, Professor of Marketing, Eight Big Marketing Concepts: Some Superb, Some Stupid

Topics covered include:

The marketing world continues to focus much of its efforts on the wrong issues while ignoring the more useful ones

Which concepts continue to offer value to marketers as they approach 2017?

Which concepts, despite the noise associated with them, are distracting marketers from their core purpose?

Customer Journey Mapping, Digital Marketing, CSR, Brand Tracking, Brand Purpose, Zero Base Budgeting and Virtual Reality

2.00 – 3.30pm

Mindfulness. Leadership. Purpose.
(organised by the Melbourne Alumni Chapter.)
Facilitator: Michael Brice (MBA 2014)


  • John Julian,
  • Grant Downie (MBA 2009)
  • Tayor Tran (PDM 2008)

An interactive exploration of the concepts of mindfulness, leadership and purpose.

Mindfulness has entered popular culture as a way to find meaning in work and life, and organisations are looking at it as a way to foster a better culture. Both are noble pursuits, but the danger is that mindfulness becomes more hype than real change.